Monday, July 31, 2017

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When you think about the effects of Tokyo escorts

, you probably envision crow’s feet, a slowed metabolism, and maybe the dreaded hot flashes that many a menopausal has bemoaned. Lower on that list—for me at least—is the possibility that along with my chin and boobs, my vagina could actually start to sag one day. Ah, Mother Nature—she can be a blessing and a bitch.
“As age, our vaginal tissues become thinner and more atrophic,” says gynecological surgeon Dr. Prudence Hall, founder of the Monica-based regenerative escorts Tokyo medicine clinic The Hall Center. “Youthful vaginal tissue is elastic and pliable to accommodate childbirth, allowing for easy and painless intercourse, whereas with aging—or postpartum—vaginal tissue, the vagina can become dry and stretched out, creating less sexual sensitivity and real discomfort for women.”

Sounds deeply unappealing, right? If you’re in your twenties, you might be thinking, “But I have decades until this will happen to me.” And you might be right—though if you’re on birth control, your estrogen levels drop just like they do during menopause, which can cause similar symptoms of dryness, pain during sex and low levels of good bacteria (read: a higher chance of getting infections down there). If that’s your situation, you can consider going off the pill, which is simple enough.

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If, however, you’re like some of the women dealing with these symptoms who have no easy solution, it makes sense that you’d consider something info a little more extreme. Enter vaginal rejuvenation treatments like Femilift, a procedure that uses laser technology to heat vaginal tissue and stimulate the formation of new collagen to help treat discomfort and pain, whether it’s from aging, childbirth, or anything else.
I spoke to Brooklyn-based gynecologist Dr. Amir Marashi, who has performed the procedure (which was FDA-approved in 2008 and has been gaining popularity in last few years), to find out more about how it works. “Femilift involves a with tiny lasers that create 81 tiny, superficial holes in the vagina, kind of like microneedling,” he says. “Anytime you pierce your body, it immediately causes more blood to surge to that area and will spur collagen production.” There’s no anesthesia Tokyo escort agency or downtime needed to recover, making it fairly convenient for busy women.

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