Friday, December 14, 2018

Tokyo Escorts

MAKEOVER  Tokyo Escorts

Tulle’s journey to becoming a veritably chic fabric has been long and somewhat complicated. The textile initially embodied the feminine delicacy of graceful ballerinas adorned in fluffy tutus, as well as elegant brides enveloped in dreamy veils. But juxtaposed with Madonna‘s inherent sex appeal in the 1980s, tulle became a mode of edgy self-expression—and a bona fide fashion statement that extended well beyond the dance and bridal spheres.
Over the course of its sartorial escorts history, tulle has been reimagined time and time again. Its transformation has spanned tiered skirts, textured tops and transparent maxi dresses. It’s become both a holiday staple and a dreamy fashion statement (sported, especially, by those who seek to emulate Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City). But despite its diverse and varied presence in the style zeitgeist, tulle has long proven difficult to style. How do you wear a tulle skirt (or dress, or top) without skewing too ballerina, too bridal or too ’80s pop star?

Thankfully, our favorite style stars have done a lot of the mental work for us. Each tulle outfit they’ve worn serves as an answer to our info question—leaving us certain of how to style tulle and convinced that it’s possible to do so without veering into fashionable-but-too-on-the-nose territory.
Ahead, we’ve rounded up 17 of our favorite tulle outfits. May you never be uncertain of how to wear tulle, again. This dress could’ve swerved into bridal or ballerina territory, but the contemporary accessories keep it feeling distinctly fashion-forward.
Oversized sweatshirts and bold heeled boots don’t always play well together, but this ruffled tulle skirt helps them find common ground. Sequins and tulle make for a seriously dreamy combination. And when dressed down with a fluffy sweater and chunky sneakers, the look skews underrated cool, rather than over-the-top. 

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