Thursday, June 27, 2019

Flexibility Of Natural

When it comes to power generation, bigger is often better. But new opportunities for power generation increasingly rely on speed and agility rather than size or capacity. For power providers, the flexibility of natural gas turbines will take you where you want to be.

As the main players in the market concentrate on developing large-scale natural gas turbines with more generating capacity than ever, changes in the energy landscape have uncovered a newfound need for something smaller.
While the demand for power has never been greater, the recent growth of renewable energy has made getting power online quickly and efficiently much more important. This is where aero-derivative generators come in; they can bridge gaps in supply that their heavier, more powerful counterparts might not be able to service—bringing more people and places online consistently.
Gas turbines, big and small, are expected to play an important role in power generation for some time and natural gas will be key in the transition toward a carbon-free society. As a complement to renewables, natural gas offers a better alternative to coal-fired generations and lower-cost, cleaner power. Power providers looking to lower their costs and meet demand are counting on natural gas as they focus on cleaning up their energy sources.
In mature markets like the U.S.—the largest national market for gas turbines—natural gas’ adoption is spreading. Emerging economies are also embracing the use of turbines to generate natural gas power, with Asian countries accounting for more than half of the global growth in gas demand, according to the IEA.

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